Russell Lipensky

an intuitive body worker, body language consultant, and workshop leader.  Russell uses his knowledge of the body and his intuition to help his clients release old, negative emotions and thoughts that are stored in the body.  Click here.

Global Rescue Welfare League

Visit our amazing rescue partners, GROWL.  These girls save hundreds of furkids every month and we are honored to be a part of their work. Click here.

Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge Inc.

is dedicated to the welfare of companion animals in our community. We protect the abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals in our care by finding them kind and loving homes.  Click here.

Dogs Are Easy Dog Training

Shawn will give you an honest assessment of your situation whether you are bringing a new puppy into your home, giving a rescue dog the gift of a new shot at life, or dealing with an existing pet with behavioral issues. His passion for his work is evident with every “sit”, “down” and “free” command.  Click here.